On Sunday, the evening before 17th November, Channel 1 (Jednotka : ) of the Slovak public TV on aired the Ceremony Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. It looked back on the hectic days of a quarter of a century ago, when we were jingling our keys on the squares, it showed authentic reports and interviews with the actors of this extraordinary social movement. At the end of the show, space was given to talented young people who remember little of the revolutionary days, yet find creative ways to build on its message today. We are delighted that the producers of the commemoration ceremony also approached our colleague Martin Vavrinčík to present the achievements of ETP Slovakia.

Timing: 01:08:09 to 01:09:47


The project Let´s Learn How to Learn has been supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through Active Citizenship and Inclusion Program, operated by Ekopolis Foundation in collaboration with the Children of Slovakia Foundation and SOCIA – The Foundation for Social Change.

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ilustr_Majka_dscn2886Feuerstein method of Instrumental Enrichment represents a revolution in education. Since the beginning of the previous school year, it has been pilot-tested by ETP Slovakia in ten community centres in marginalized Roma communities and two primary schools in Eastern Slovakia as part of the project Let´s Learn How to Learn.

The aim of today´s ETP workshop, which is taking place at the Hotel Mercure in Bratislava, is to present a model of educating children by means of this methodology to the professional public and to share our experience and results so far. Invited were the representatives of relevant ministries, UNICEF, educational, research, ethnic and other institutions as well as several non-governmental organizations.

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Frana_vel_2008RM2They would not make it in Rankovce without Fraňa

„If it wasn´t for Fraňa, it wouldn´t have been possible.” That much canbe saidwhen talking about our project of self-help construction of family homes in Rankovce, for which we were awarded the gold Civil Society Prize in Brussels.

Bc. FrantiškaOndrašíková is a social field worker in Rankovce.

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chlapcek_mini_911948_701699809853481_860421153_nREFLECTIONS ON A WORKSHOP ON INNOVATIONS IN SOCIAL HOUSING (22 OCTOBER 2014) 

According to the Atlas of Roma Communities of 2013, in Slovakia there are 215 436 people living in 29 406 houses in concentrated settlements (segregated, separated settlements, streets or quarters of cities). 4 131 of these houses are shacks, in which 31 601 people live.

Since our model is based on our thorough understanding of the situation in the field, behind these stark numbers, we see stories of people, some with small and some with big ambitions, people with living but also with buried dreams and people who know what it feels like to be hungry. A roof over our head (and its quality) is among the basic human needs and is crucial in determining the quality of our life and possibilities for its improvement. Our experience shows that a missing roof above a person’s head not only limits their interest in education but in such harsh conditions, education is not even an option.

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A microbus stopped at the Ľubovňa castle to drive children from the Podsadek settlement in Stará Ľubovňa to NowySacz in Poland

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Do not miss the report aired on the main news of TV Markíza on 25 October 2014. Entitled „Gold for Roma“, it features ETP´s Building Hope Project, for which we have been awarded the gold Civil Society Prize in Brussels. The report shows the builders from Rankovce, our colleagues and scenes from the 3E homes construction site as well as the Award ceremony in Brussels.

Timing: 01:36 to 01:43




on the Microloans Program

The Gold Civil Society Prize, recently awarded to ETP Slovakia in Brussels for our Building Hope project, together with the donation to one of the home builders from Good Country (Dobrá krajina),are two of the reasons leading us to highlight our microloans program.

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IMG_0135Report from the Press Conference held on the occasion of the Civil Society Prize

Daily at the Construction Site

Before the press conference held on the occasion of the Civil Society Prize awarded to ETP Slovakia, our guests Ondrej Sámeľ and Milan Gašpar were on pins and needles. The reason was obvious: for people who don´t talk to journalists every day, anxiety appears naturally. 

„What are we supposed to say?“, „What if we get tongue-tight?“ Their worries were voiced. There was, however, no need for those worries.

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IMG_0140The gold Civil Society Prize of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels (EESC) was awarded yesterday to ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development.

The prize is €15 000.  Two silver prizes were awarded to the Czech organization IQ Roma servis and to the Reverend Archimandrite Athinagoras Loukataris from Greece, both of them receiving 7 500 €.

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